Atari Musa is a short animation featuring a flying banana and its numerous attempts to live in a colourful world of light, sparkly juice and exotic fruits. Failure and disappointment are part of the flying banana's road to success where perseverance and endeavour makes for more rewarding achievement.

This piece is an homage to old-style Atari video games like Space Invaders and Tetris, which Kila is very familiar with. In Atari Musa she became fascinated by the idea of recreating this boxy, cubic world using real world craftsmanship.


Idea and Concept / Alessandra Kila
Director / Alessandra Kila
Styling and Paper Artist / Francesca Bertoletti
Sound Design / toot!
Camera Operator / Christoph Bolten
Assistants / Laura Braun, David San Millán, Hannah Almond
Compositing and Grading / Recom Farmhouse